Stephen Clock: Wonder

October 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

My brother Steve is gifted. He’s been writing poetry off and on now for a long time. I’m not sure what he thinks about the verse that he writes, or if it expresses what he is feeling. Maybe, like me, he feels trapped in a prison of inexpressible wonder and emotion that comes along with the human experience. But, whatever success he has in expressing his feelings, it is to his credit that I connect deeply with his lines.

 They might not fully express his feelings. He might hate his lines – that often happens with people who are good at what they do. But in any case, his lines express the wonder I feel, and that is good enough for me to post. He has written a lot, and I’ll no doubt be posting much more on the “Selected Poetry” page in the future (you can find that over on that side of the page <—— ). Steve, thanks for letting me repost.

Wonder – Stephen Clock

 I’d see your heart as the Colosseum in Rome,

 broken and aware of itself

 and vacated for the better half of your life

 as your walls crumble around you.

And I’d imagine your eyes, blue

 a barrier reef flooded with aquatic life

 when you weep seahorses into being

 and shed them each time your ocean heaves.

But your fingers are miles of sand in the deserted

 rifts of your Grand Canyons,

 vast and unexplored pieces of you

 hardly quenching themselves on the nourishment of my rivers.

Yet, I see crows circle the halo

 of you, for your laughter is the Northern Lights,

 and in the equinox of your smile

 you become the celestial equator to which I’m drawn.

For, I’d imagine your freckles as the stars which shine

 over the Old City of Jerusalem,

 and in light of the sun

 they bloom and become great stretches of Greek islands.

And yes, I’d picture your beauty framed in the

 Hanging Gardens of Babylon,

 and your loveliness becoming a Golden Gate Bridge

 closing the space between us…

For in the elegance of your wonder

 I am but a grain of sand in love

 with unearthing the mystery of you.


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