What is Lesson One?

My name is Matthias Clock, and you found my blog. I’m a young professional in New York City working as a Communications Specialist at The King’s College and a marketing intern at Velvet Cigar Lounge.  I owe my life to Christ, and I have a strong belief in the power of individual liberties. I believe that they both promote and maintain human dignity, as well as create widespread prosperity.

You may be curious about the title of this blog. “Lesson One” refers to the first lesson that Socrates taught those he engaged in dialogue – a lesson in humility. Socrates taught his followers, adversaries, and the philosophic world something very important, namely that assumptions matter. Moreover, our assumptions can be false. For this reason, we should be honest with ourselves about our own assumptions, as well as with how little it is likely we know.

I am not here, however, to teach anyone that lesson. I doubt that I could. What I am here to do is explore the depths of honest philosophy and thought, while keeping in mind Socrates’ first lesson: beliefs are built on assumptions that must be tested by both introspection and cross examination.

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